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this month the fantastic summer colors tropical night

Baboom brings exclusively an ensemble of 2 different short tops, bikini pants and a skirt in 2 designs.

here some examplesBaboom-Lulani- original shirt- blue Baboom-Lulani- original shirt- crimson Baboom-Lulani- original shirt- yellow Baboom-MAui- original Bra-fuchsia Baboom-MAui- original Bra-green Baboom-MAui- original Bra-orange BaboomKalea-skirt-originalmes-blue BaboomKalea-skirt-originalmes-green BaboomKalea-skirt-originalmes-orange BaboomKalea-skirt-originalmes-design-blue Baboom-tahiti- original pants-orange Baboom-tahiti- original pants-blue