and here is the Baboom Collection

Baboom-Glamour- Gown

„Glamour Mesh Gown“ was created for this event especially in the vivid shades of pink. It is made of a slim black corsage that gives your upper body a perfect female shape and a wide floating skirt.


„Estella Hat“ is made for this event in matching colors to the special edition of the „Glamour Mesh Gown“. Beautiful gold ornaments accompany the colorful feathers and give it an extravagant, precious look.

Baboom-mesh-torqueSwirl „TorqueSwirl Necklace“ catches again the vivid shades of pink and is a perfect match for the special edition of the „Glamour Mesh Gown“.

Baboom-Ann-skirt -Shirt

„Ann Mesh Shirt and Skirt“ is a very nice every day dress in black and wide. The zebra look of the skirt is just adorable. Both parts can be worn seperatly and combined with other items.

Baboom-hat -Flower Bizarr „Hat Flower Bizarre“ in black and white resembles a black flower, surrended by white ivy and white pearls like water drops.

Written by

Kyra Camel