As I saw the squared texture, wich part wise reminded me of the legendary „Damier Print“ of Louis Vuitton, i was amazed.

So i let this fact inspire me and i developed the „Chess Collection“

This collection contains a maxi skirt, high waist pants, shirts and a short pant for a walk across the beach boulevard

The clear structures of the chess board in black and white made the perfect match for the summer in my opinion. A welcome change to the usual colored clothing. I only added some colored highlights to underline the black & white.

mix and match how ever you want.

I added some hat as well, who carry the clear black and white pattern as well. Highlighted with color accents.
As well a matching clutch bag with a chess pattern is available. The clutch button and the colored parts of the hat are made with a color change script, that allows you to color the parts as you like

you will find this „Chess Collection“ at Mainstore and now at the Renaissance Galleria too


Baboom-hat- Isabelle Baboom-hat- Lilou Baboom-hat- monique Baboom-mesh-CHESS-complet Baboom-mesh-CHESS-Léa-shirt Baboom-mesh-CHESS-pants-Claire Baboom-mesh-CHESS-pants-complet Baboom-mesh-CHESS-pants-Lola Baboom-mesh-CHESS-skirt

Written by

Kyra Camel